What our clients are saying!

Vinyl King came and did the repairs in about 20 minutes. Quick and Clean. Nice guys and a good job. They were a little pricey but I would use them again on a bigger job.
– Ruben Medina, Elmsford, NY

Vinyl King performed the work with a crew of 3 men. Very professional, prompt, and quick. Very skilled. Supervisor Charlie ALWAYS answered the phone or returned calls right away. Very pleased.
– Barbara Adams, Poughkeepsie, NY

Chris and Angel were very responsive and informative. I had bought a fixer upper ho use and the work it needed was daunting. I had many questions and concerns and they were all addressed promptly. The workers were at my home every day possible until job was completed. The work only took 2 weeks which was amazing to me. I have recommended them to my friends and neighbors.
– Margaret Hampe, Carmel, NY

We had the whole house refinished with vinyl siding, had a screen porch basically rebuilt into a 4-seasons sunroom and a window replaced in a bedroom. From start to finish the process was a delight. The workers were courteous, tireless and the build was of the highest quality. Everyone says “It looks like a new house”. There were no surprises on price, which was very reasonable given how much work needed doing on the porch. Chris, the owner, communicated excellently with us at all stages of the project and Milton the leader of the building team was a perfectionist and was a delight to work with. I could not recommend more highly!!!
– Christopher Lucas, Katonah, NY

The sales rep showed up on time to price the job, was very personable, came with samples of materials, and described the work, and spent time to answer all our questions. Fast turn around on the quote and subsequent modifications and had the best price of 6 the estimates we collected. Gave us a 5 year warranty on workmanship. The rep also served as the project manager for the job and overall was very responsive throughout. A four man crew did the work. They came early (usually by 8 am) and worked till after dark with little or no breaks in sometimes very cold temperatures (totally busted their hump). They seemed to take their time with all the trim/window work (and there was a lot of it). They were very courteous to me and my family and seemed like genuinely nice guys. About 2 or 2 1/2 weeks total time. Overall, we are very happy with the work they did and our experience with the Vinyl King and would recommend calling them for an estimate if you need similar work done. We love how the house looks and so far the workmanship looks good.
– Vincent Giorgio, Yonkers, NY

Everything as promised, no surprises. Excellent workmanship. Excellent customer service.
– Lurea Murphy, Ossining, NY

Overall, excellent experience with the Vinyl King. I had obtained several estimates over the past 2 years for a new roof. I had obtained estimates from large companies to one-man shows. The roof quote was for approximately 5,000 sq. ft. We chose the Vinyl King, due to the competitive quote we received, the professionalism that was shown and the fact the company has been around for a relatively long period of time and has a good reputation in the siding business. One of our neighbors used them for siding with no complaints. We worked with Charlie Vega, who was prompt, professional and answered all of our questions. His quote was excellent and included all GAF materials. Compared to the others quotes we received, this one was very competitive. Charlie stuck to a quote we received a year prior from him and he did not increase the dollar amount of the quote or change the materials and he had no issue coming out again to provide an updated, new quote. This job included a new roof, new gutters, some new wood siding and repair of some rotted wood trim. We used the Timberline HD pewter gray shingle, cobra ridge vent, GAF deck armour and ice dam, copper flashing around chimney, metal roofing over a bay window/bump out area. The gutters were generic K-type gutter and the wood siding and trim was replaced with wood, no composites. The workers were excellent. They showed up on time, worked very hard, took limited breaks, and were courteous. We had some issues with cleaning up some nails on the driveway, but my wife and I took some time everyday to check this and overall no big deal. The debris was carted away everyday via truck, so no dumpster on the driveway either. The job took about 2 weeks to complete. Payment was the usual 1/3 up for the start, 1/3 near the end of the job, and final 1/3 after a final review and walk through. Everything looks great and we are very pleased with the end result and our choice to go with the Vinyl King. Of course, I will update this after the winter storms and see how everything holds up and if there are any issues with follow up! As of now, I would recommend them highly for roofing and would suggest they are a company that you should at least get a quote from.
– John Vlattas, Carmel, NY

Everything went fantastic! Charlie was great – he was very professional and he was able to work around my schedule. His crew did a great job and I appreciate it everyone’s patience with my two four-legged little boys. I would highly recommend The Vinyl King!
– Melody Williams, Carmel, NY

Great job. Was concerned about woodwork around windows, were able to remove all stains.
– Mary McMahon, Mahopac, NY

The Vinyl King did a great job for us. The workmen came ready to work every day promptly and took very few breaks. The Vinyl King also during the removal of the old siding pointed out some damaged plywood on the house and replaced it before putting the new siding on. Our project manager Charlie Vega did a phenomenal job from start to finish. I Would highly recommend the Vinyl King.
– Derek Craig, Peekskill, NY

Rep was quick with a thorough estimate. We decided to repaint (and not buy siding) after all, but I would have no qualms about hiring Vinyl King if we choose to go with siding.
– Torin Swartout, Ridgefield, CT

We researched a few roofers and picked The Vinyl King due to past experience with them and final cost. They had did siding on our house three years ago and the experience was very positive. Charlie Vega was our lead contact and was a true professional. He came quickly to inspect the main flat roof that had been leaking and checked other areas over the garage and front and back peaks. Within in two days we had a written proposal in our hands. Since Mother Nature was not cooperative, we had to wait a few days for work to start. But Saturday at 8:00 am, Charlie and his crew showed up and began tearing off the old flat roof and finished the majority of work that day. In between the following rainy days, the crew completed the garage and two peak roofs. They worked their tails off to get all the work and cleanup completed before the next storm. Yesterday all work was finished and Charlie came to inspect all the work and cleanup. We are so pleased with the results and happy no more leaks. I can recommend this company without any hesitation.
– Margot Ferrauti, Mt. Kisco, NY

It was fabulous! The quality of their work was great. I would use them again if I needed some more siding work done.
– Melissa Flannery, Yorktown Heights, NY

Vinyl King was totally professional from start to finish. They came and gave us an estimate immediately. Work was started the next day. This was hard work, but clean-up was excellent. The men worked in very cold weather. They took the time to do the job right. Although we had received several estimates, one which was considerably lower, we decided to go with Vinyl King because with their estimate, they brought insurance papers, licensing papers, and over 100 references that we could contact to check on their work. Vinyl King’s reputation was solid, and we loved the fact that they would come back if anything was not quite right. We did have a few minor things that needed correcting, and they came and made the necessary corrections. When Hurricane Sandy came, we did not lose one shingle. We are very pleased with our new roof.
– Ursula Recce, Portchester, NY

They did a good and quick job and charged me what they said they were going to. Their estimate was very fair and they explained what it included and what it did not include. They gave me different choices and I did not feel like I was being pressured to take a high end or dirt cheap package. They were straight forward and honest when compared to the many estimates which I had received. They treated me like an adult and explained things to me such that I could understand what they were saying. The sidings were exactly what I had ordered. When I had a problem after they had already installed the sidings they took it down and fixed it for no charge, which really impressed me. Every single time I call them they will come out within twenty-four and fix whatever problem I have for no charge. They call me back within n hour of my calling and are incredibly responsive as well as responsible. They are a company which stands by their work and guarantee. I would recommend them to others.
– Richard Segal, Yorktown, NY

They did a really good and thorough job. They listened to the thing we wanted and had the lowest price. If there was any rot they replaced it at no extra charge. They were super efficient and super clean. They cleaned up as they worked. If I had any problems they fixed it with no problems.
– Margaret Rodrigue, Scarsdale, NY

This was a small repair job, so I understood that it might take them some time to get out and do the work. They did get out to my place quickly, and did the job well. Reasonable cost. Would use them again.
– Gregory Vassak, Brewster, NY

Once I decided to use The Vinyl King to side my house, the work began a few days later. The first day all the old shingles were taken off and the job of insulating begun. The men worked every day from 8:00am to 5 or 6pm, including Saturday. Next came the siding. I was amazed at how much they accomplished each day. By the 5th day all the siding and trim was complete. They did a great job. I hardly recognize my own house which I’ve lived in for more than 30 years! The workmanship and the workers were great. I am very satisfied with the results.
– Janice Pancier, Yorktown, NY

Chris came the prior week. Gave me a quote, put me in the book for yesterday, and arrived at 9am on the dot. Calling back and saying you’re going to come when you say you’re going to is really important to me. He cut and installed the new aluminum pieces and as a courtesy, also spent some time checking my gutters, cleaning the downspouts, and caulking in places. The time took longer than the hour he predicted and I was afraid he was going to charge me an extra 30 minutes, but it was $150 just as he quoted. He was very professional, so helpful and gave some good advice about some other repairs down the road. I will definitely call him again. I feel he’s very trustworthy and responsible.
– Vivian Chang, Pleasantville, NY

After being contacted by my contractor to inspect the roof of our long ranch-style house, Chris Nelson came promptly to assess the situation. He walked and inspected all of the roof and climbed into our attic to check for leaks or evidence of water damage. He was extremely professional and very easy to talk to. I was impressed with his knowledge and he answered all my questions, then answered another round of my husband’s questions. He explained every detail, which was necessary while trying to compare several other roofing estimates to this one. His prompt return phone calls and then prompt start to each work day was greatly appreciated. After we received the written invoice, work began quickly. Every morning Chris would arrive and the workers would begin on time. Rather than have a dumpster on the property, and it destroying the grass or driveway, they would back a truck up to my garage and all generated debris was tossed in the dump truck and carted off at the end of the day. The 5 laborers worked incredibly hard, and were professional and considerate at all times. They were sure to only remove the part of the roof that they could complete in a day, so that we were never exposed to the elements. One day they worked until almost dark to complete the largest area of our roof. The copper chimney flashing was cut and installed beautifully! The roof came out great also, and was noticeably a big improvement over what we had prior to this. A ridge vent had been started at one point in the past, and then shingles had been placed over it, which made it useless. A ridge vent was finished and capped properly this time and a new one was recommended and installed on another part of my roof which would improve air ventilation, at no additional cost. The things I most appreciated were: dealing with Chris Nelson (a pleasure after having so many problems with other companies), the prompt service, the hard working roofers, and the concern for cleaning up after each day of work. When the job was completed, Chris made sure to come the following morning to inspect everything around the outside of the house, to make sure every piece of debris was removed. What a pleasure to deal with!!!!
– Rosemary Slutsky, Somers, NY

It really came up nice and the price was very reasonable. They come out when they said they would come. They were so busy with the work that I had to ask them about the payments. They are very reliable and they did a good job. I will grade them high across the board.
– Vincent Caporale, Yorktown Heights, NY

We had gotten about 6 estimates from other companies. The Vinyl King was nearly the lowest (not the absolute least expensive, but toward the lower side). But Joe who came to give us the estimate was clearly not just a sales person. He seemed honest and complete and wasn’t at all fazed by our request of gray with blue trim and blue gutters. He was happy to provide 25′ vinyl, not just 16′ (fewer seams with longer pieces) for the same price. He also said they accepted credit cards, which meant extra airline miles for us! He called a few days before the job was to begin and said they’d be one day late because it had rained a lot the previous week, delaying their previous job. I held my breath since one day often turns into a week or a month, but no — he was there on the revised day early in the morning as promised. His team worked every day from 7:30 a.m. until about 7 p.m. They never asked to come in. They cleaned up thoroughly each day. When I asked them to move some stuff to one side of the driveway so a friend could park, they couldn’t have been more pleasant or more accommodating. Joe came to the house EVERY SINGLE one of the 6 days it took them to complete the job and checked in with me to see how things were going. Here’s how they handled some issues that could have been a problem but weren’t: WINDOWS; they had Mahopac Glass come out, measure, and install new windows quickly, easily, without our supervision or involvement. YAY! TRIM: We told them we wanted blue trim, but when they put blue around the white around the windows, it looked awful. I told Joe that I hated the blue. He told me we had agreed on blue trim — but I guess I just didn’t envision correctly how it would look. He said no problem. He took off the blue and put on white as I requested with NO additional charge, even though he said it cost him $300 when I pressed him to tell me what it cost him. (I paid him for it anyway. Why should he pay for my changing my mind?) CONTRACT: He had us sign a contract that would give him 1/3 up front, 1/3 when the job was substantially done, and 1/3 upon completion. We gave him the first third as promised, but he never asked for any more money until the entire job was completed, so we paid him the last 2/3 at the end. I would enthusiastically recommend Joe and the Vinyl King for any and all siding work. Our house looks amazing, he got the colors exactly perfect, he was a pleasure to work with — very pleasant, very responsible and responsive. He answered the phone every time we called, even on a Sunday. I wish all home remodeling experiences could be like this.
– Richard Segal, Yorktown Heights, NY

Vinyl King provided a badly needed facelift, Joe Scalera made several visits to measure and take the order correctly, When they arrived on Thursday morning every worker knew his job expertly. The bay window was the biggest one they had ever installed, bigger than what we expected, but it fit beautifully. Double hung windows were replaced through out the house. The siding was hung expertly lining up to some that was existing. The front was done in a shake style that we fell in love with. Joe intuitively know to have more on hand when we decided to extend the area of shake we wanted. The windows were capped perfectly. Seem less gutters were installed in a few hours. Once installation was complete the crew meticulously cleaned up the debris. The workers were always polite and professional. When they had a question, they were not afraid to ask. They did not leave until the job was done and every detail was attended to. When they left, our home had been transformed from a neglected ranch to what looked like brand new construction. Vinyl King was amazing. They surpassed our expectations on so many levels.
– Paul Spiegel, Holmes, NY

From the start I knew this was a very professional and well managed contractor. The men came on time, were very clean, and the job streamed along very nicely. They cleaned up after as if they weren t there, and the price they gave me was a good one considering all the work they completed. I wouldn t hesitate to recommend them and will use them in the future if and when I have to.
– Margaret Belanger, Mahopac, NY

Not too many companies do something free of charge and tell you just to remember them in the future. That guy could have charged me money and my guess is that he could have charged me a lot. I am going to use them again in the future. I felt they were honest and that they cared. My roof has given me no problems since he pretty much donated his time to help me out even though I had never met him before in my life.
– Marsha Henderson, Yorktown Heights, NY

My wife knew someone that used them so we decided to give them a shot. They came and did the job within a week of the estimate. They came and gave the estimate, and he said he’d do the job next week. He did it in 4 days. The whole crew was about 8 people.
– Henry Henze, Yorktown Heights, NY

They were excellent, and i just hired them to do my roof. They did it when i went to work. It ended up good. It was clean, and there were no problems at all.
– Betty Renaurdo, Yorktown Heights, NY

We had a great overall experience with vinyl king. They installed new vinyl siding at the same time we replaced all the windows and sliders. We were impressed how they capped all the windows and doors and installed roofing on the bay windows. They paid attention to detail. I was very impressed overall with the work performed by vinyl king. It was amazing how quickly and efficiently they worked, removing the old debris and installing the new siding. We also used vinyl king at the same time to replace all windows.
– Lois Baeriswil, Mahopac, NY