Closeup of house exterior brick wall with 2 windows

5 Ways your Windows are Begging you to Replace Them

While you’re going about your business day to day, entertaining friends or enjoying time with family, watching TV or working on your Great American Novel, you’re probably not thinking much about your windows.  Once in a while they make themselves known in some very obvious ways, and when that happens it means only one thing: time to replace them!

Here are five ways that ailing windows act out and let you know in no uncertain terms that they’ve thrown in the towel.

The Guillotine

It’s a balmy summer day and you think it would be great to get some fresh air into the house. You pull up the blinds and see the trees swaying in a gentle breeze. You open the window, looking forward to a breath of fresh summer air.

Then SLAM! The instant you let go, the window bangs down like a guillotine and you just thank your lucky stars that your fingers weren’t in the way. Sometimes a window that insists on sliding down can be repaired but lots of times it means something has gone wrong and the window should be replaced. And if yours hits the sill with any force, then you’re risking shattered glass or broken bones.

If your windows exhibit this behavior and especially if it’s been happening for a while, listen to what they’re telling you and let them retire peacefully!