Closeup of roof shingles

When to Replace your Roof

A roof can be a pretty big investment and replacing a roof isn’t exactly on anybody’s to do list.

But if you like living in a comfortable, safe, dry home, a good roof is pretty important. Most homeowners recognize leaks as potential threats, but there are other signs that your roof is ready to be replaced. We’ll cover the biggest ones here, so if you notice any of these signs of aging, it may be time to call in a pro and start budgeting.

Too Many Birthdays

Do you know one of those people who stopped counting birthdays when they hit 39? Well, if you do that with your roof, you’re going to be missing more than cake.

Signs of an aging roof can happen long before then – by age 20 or 25, in fact – and those signs could come in the form of anything we mention here.

But much like that person who stops aging at 39 (or at least does a great job of hiding it!) your roof can also hide signs of aging. The problem is that is spite of appearances, life still goes on.

If your roof is past its 25th birthday and especially if it’s past its 30th, it could be hiding some serious problems underneath. Other factors come into play, too, like whether your roof was installed over another layer of shingles, how well it’s ventilated and more.

So it may not show obvious signs of wear, but that doesn’t mean it’s a spring chicken. At a minimum, get a pro to come check it out to be sure that you’re not accumulating headaches.