5 Ways your Windows are Begging you to Replace Them

Closeup of house exterior brick wall with 2 windows

While you’re going about your business day to day, entertaining friends or enjoying time with family, watching TV or working on your Great American Novel, you’re probably not thinking much about your windows.  Once in a while they make themselves known in some very obvious ways, and when that happens it means only one thing: […]

When to Replace your Roof

Closeup of roof shingles

A roof can be a pretty big investment and replacing a roof isn’t exactly on anybody’s to do list. But if you like living in a comfortable, safe, dry home, a good roof is pretty important. Most homeowners recognize leaks as potential threats, but there are other signs that your roof is ready to be […]

Wood Decks vs. Composite

Wood deck on back of home overlooking lush green land

You’re probably also no stranger to splinters in your feet, which can really put a damper on your summer fun. Wood decks have a certain charm, but if you’re not up for the endless power washing, sealing, staining, repairing and replacing that goes along with keeping it looking great, why not replace your old wood […]